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The Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic Level 2 (ARC-L2) takes off where the original left off. More challenging exercises and riding technology from the best-selling book “Total Control” adds additional advanced techniques to any experienced rider’s “toolbox.” Where the TC ARC Level 1 builds proficiency in the rider, Level 2 puts them on a path to true mastery.

Topics covered include: Riding Psychology, speed shifting, maximum threshold braking, trail braking into standard and decreasing radius turns, and how to safely tighten your line in the middle of a corner. Chassis setup is also covered including understanding tire choices, geometry optimization (rake and trail) and suspension troubleshooting. Additionally, a comprehensive section on ergonomics will teach you the science of performance/comfort with handlebars, grips, levers, seats, foot pegs and more. In the final exercise (TC Solo) we combine all the skills from L1 and L2, and experience them at significantly higher speeds, mimicking the g-forces of track riding, but without the associated risks of triple-digit speeds.

Similar to the L1 Clinics, the L2 Clinics are done in one 9-hour day on your own motorcycle. The cost is $325*, with group rates available for 10 or more attendees (contact us), and it has similar safety gear requirements.

The combination of the TC ARC L1 and L2 has been used extensively by the Marine Corps since 2009 to train its elite Motorcycle Mentors, and represents the current state of the art in motorcycle training. Some riders prefer to take both L1 and L2 in the same weekend (when available) whereas some prefer to have some time in–between to practice. There are pros and cons to both strategies but it is not recommended to wait more than 2 years between Clinics.

Either way, the TC ARC L2 is the perfect next step for those wishing to continue their advanced training as part of a life-long learning regimen.

(Note: All participants MUST have completed Total Control ARC L1 as a prerequisite. No exceptions.)

Riding Gear Requirements

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* Tuition fees are not refundable or transferable for any reason.