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A private lesson is a one-on-one session with a BAMT instructor and is designed to build skills and confidence in new or returning riders, based on the rider’s individual needs. A private lesson does NOT waive the DMV riding test, see CMSP Basic Course (MTC). This lesson is usually taken as a follow up to the MTC, but is available to anyone who could benefit from one-on-one coaching from exceptional instructors.

This 1.5-hour lesson is available at our facilities in Alameda, San Francisco and Vallejo. Motorcycles/scooters are provided and helmets are available for loan, personal motorcycles and scooters can be used with approval.

The fee for a private lesson is $200*

To arrange a private lesson, please call 888.744.2268 or email us.

  • You must be at least 15 years and 6 months old on the day of the lesson
  • All students must sign a waiver of liability and indemnification
  • Students under 18 years old must bring a parent to the session to sign the waivers
  • You must bring a valid photo ID
  • Proof of current license and insurance required (if riding your motorcycle)
  • Pre-registration is required, call 888.744.2268 or email

We provide:

  • Helmets – Full face
    • With eye protection
    • Sizes to accommodate most people
  • Motorcycles – Our fleet includes standards, cruisers, and dual sports. Click here for photos of the bikes we use. We have a limited number of scooters which may be reserved, you must call the office at 888.744.2268 to reserve a scooter

You must provide:

  • Boots - Motorcycle-specific or sturdy work or hiking type boots
    • Must extend above AND completely encircle the ankle bone
    • Must support the ankle
    • Low heels only
    • Thin fabric footwear, such as the classic Converse All Star “Chuck Taylor”, dress boots and "Chelsea" type boots with elastic side panels are examples of footwear that DO NOT meet the requirements
  • Gloves - Street-motorcycle-specific or 100% leather, work-type gloves
    • Must be full-fingered
    • No rips or holes
    • Mechanics-style gloves, off-road gloves, dress gloves, etc. are NOT allowed
  • Jacket / shirt - Motorcycle-specific jacket is recommended, but a long-sleeved shirt may be used
    • Full coverage, no skin may show at any point
    • No rips or holes
  • Pants - Motorcycle-specific is recommended, but long non-flared durable pants (such as denim or leather) may be used
    • Full coverage, no skin may show at any point
    • No rips or holes
    • No stretch fabric
  • Helmet - Helmets are provided, but you can use your own, if you'd like
    • Must be DOT approved
    • Full face or Modular only, 3/4 and half helmets are not allowed
    • Eye protection is required, such as helmet face shield, goggles, eyeglasses or sunglasses

* Lesson fees are not refundable or transferable for any reason.