Learn to Ride and skip the M1 riding test in San Francisco, the East Bay or Vallejo

Our beginning class is designed for students that have no experience at all on a motorcycle, and graduates can skip the DMV's riding test

The curriculum for our beginning class is recommended by the California Highway Patrol for learning how to ride, and is designed for students that have never even sat on a motorcycle before
Passing this class lets you skip the DMV's riding test and is required for anyone under 21 years.  Motorcycles and helmets are provided. The cost is $258 if you are over 21 years old, or $180 if you are younger than 21 years old.  
You are responsible for getting yourself to and from each session. To sign up for a beginning class choose any Motorcyclist Training Clinic(MTC) on the registration page. Beginning classes are offered at all 3 of our sites in San Francisco, the East Bay or Vallejo
Though designed for new riders, even experienced riders will benefit from this clinic. Motorcycles and helmets are provided in this course.  Some insurance companies and motorcycle shops offer discounts to our graduates. All 2 and 3 day beginning classes finish within one week and will provide the DMV waiver if you pass.  For a list of requirement for this class, see 'required items'


Topics covered include fear, understanding how motorcycles turn, proper cornering strategies, and emergency crash avoidance skills. The course is based on the most current research in rider safety and utilizes modern training methods
Risk and Impairments:
Learn about the challenges and risks involved in riding a motorcycle, all backed-up by the most recent research on road safety.
We will also cover how drugs, alcohol, bad judgement and many other factors can impair your safety on the road
Mental Motorcycling:
Learn how fear, concentration and awareness can affect you everyday riding.
Also learn about SIPDE, the mental strategy to achieve awareness of your surroundings and make proper decisions on the road
Protective gear:
Wearing only a helmet is not enough. Learn how using all the proper safety gear while riding can improve not only your safety but also enhance your concentration and comfort during every ride
Basic Operation:
Learn the basic controls and skills necessary to operate and safely ride a motorcycle on public roads
Riding in Traffic:
Learn the challenges, risks and strategies to safely navigate your way through roads where other vehicles are present
Confident Cornering:
Our unique approach to cornering will teach you the right techniques to adjust your speed prior and during a turn; to position yourself on the bike and in the lane; to use proper vision to gather information and control anxiety; and to apply the proper steering inputs to make your motorcycle turn safely on any curve of the road
Evasive Maneuvers:
Learn how to achieve quick stops and swerve around obstacles you may encounter during your everyday riding
Special Situations:
Learn how to achieve quick stops and swerve around obstacles you may encounter during your everyday riding

The Total Control MTC® Promises

The Total Control team is committed to making you a better and safer rider and, in doing so, makes these promises:
  • Specific, measurable and demonstrable riding skills
    The Total Control MTC will help you attain the basic abilities needed to control your motorcycle safely.
  • A basic understanding of how your bike works
    How what you do affects your bike's ability to maintain traction and control.
  • The ability to recognize risks on the road, know what the solution is and be able to manage them on the fly
    While it's great to be able to ride in front of a skilled coach, it's equally important to be able to coach yourself when you detect a riding problem in the future. There are enough support materials in our package to help make sure you won't forget what you learned during your training.
  • High teacher-to-student ratio
    Each class is divided into groups with never more than six students per instructor for lots of individual attention and support.
  • Friendly, professional service
    The Total Control MTC instructors are highly trained and carefully handpicked for their teaching abilities and friendly dispositions. Your experience at the Total Control MTC will be a positive one.


  • the MTC Student Handbook.  A link to both an English and Spanish copy will come in your confirmation letter
  • the DMV Motorcycle Handbook.  A link to both an English and Spanish copy will come in your confirmation letter
  • our waiver.  A copy will come with your confirmation letter.  We will provide copies to sign at the first classroom
  • if you do not already have your Califonia driver’s license study the DMV Drivers Handbook, since not all of the questions on the written test are presented in the classroom, and some come from this book


  • You must attend all classes/sessions in full and in order. You will be dropped from the class and have to pay $100 to come back as a standby student if you:
    • are late for a session(have everything you need to ride in- hand when you check in to your riding sessions or you will be considered late)
    • are coming back late from a break
    • leave early. End times are approximate and your class may go longer than expected, depending upon weather, number of questions, and many other variables. It is unusual to go over the time allotted, but if it does happen we still cannot pass you if you miss any portion of the class, no matter how good the reason you must leave or how well you are doing. Do not make appointments that you must leave for that take place immediately after your session is expected to end
    • choose to leave and/or the instructor asks you to leave for any reason, including your being
    • unprepared
    • unsafe(on purpose or otherwise)
    • unable to follow directions
    • argumentative
    • the instructor believes you are impaired/intoxicated in any manner with any drug, including alcohol or any other legal, illegal, prescription or over- the counter substance(s)


Your valid, government-issued photo ID to all sessions.  You will be dropped from the class and have to pay $100 to come back as a standby student if you come to any session without:
  • IDENTIFICATION(ID): you do not need a driver’s license or permit to take this class. You only need to be at least 15.5 years old, and have a valid, government- issued photo ID of any kind. It does not matter what government issued it, or if it allows you to drive. If your ID does not meet these requirements and/or if you bring a different one than you presented at your other sessions you will not be let into class or you will be dropped from the class and will have to pay a $100 fee to return as a drop in/standby student.  To indicate an ID that is from another country or that is not a driver's license enter ff where you would put usually indicate the state(ex: CA for California, TX for Texas)
    • MINORS MUST PRING A PARENT/GUARDIAN: If you are under 18, in addition to following all of the other rules, your parent/guardian MUST:
      • attend the first classroom with you until you are checked in
      • also bring their valid, government- issued photo ID
      • sign the minor waiver in front of the instructor


  • BOOTS: Sturdy over-the-ankle footwear that provides ankle support/reinforcement/padding is required. Most laced and tied hiking boots or high tops will do as long as they are laced up the way the manufacturer intended in to order to provide ankle support. High tops or boots that merely cover the ankle but do not provide ankle support(ex: Chuck Taylor high tops) will NOT be accepted.  Motorcycle-specific footwear is highly recommended, but must meet the above requirements
  • LONG SLEEVED SHIRT/JACKET: A motorcycle-specific jacket is recommended but is not always practical if it is too hot, so bring layers that allow no skin/ wrists showing when seated on the motorcycle and arms outstretched to ride.
  • DURABLE PANTS: Long, non-flared, durable pants without any rips or holes is required. Jeans made out of denim are acceptable, but stretch pants or stretch fabric (including 'jeggings') are not. Pants must cover all of the leg when seated on the motorcycle with feet up on the foot pegs - no skin/socks, etc. showing
  • GLOVES: Full- fingered gloves of a durable material are required. Many motorcycle shops carry very reasonably priced street- specific motorcycle gloves, but full- fingered leather work gloves are acceptable and can usually be found very cheap at any hardware store. Off- road motorcycle gloves, leather dress gloves, ski gloves, and work gloves of material other or that are not durable will NOT be accepted
  • RAIN GEAR: We do NOT cancel for rain. It is surprising how cold you can get even at the low speeds you will be riding in our course, and hard it can be to do even the most basic maneuvers when your teeth are chattering, so come prepared if rain and/or cold weather is expected
  • HELMETS are required gear and are provided by us, so you do not need to provide one.  You may bring your own DOT full- face helmet if you like, but if the instructor cannot verify that it meets our needs you will have to use one of ours.  We do not allow helmets that are not full- face for our beginning classes.  We strongly recommend you wait until after you take the class so you may make an educated decision about which kind of helmet is best for you, as a good helmet can be a very expensive investment
  • EYE PROTECTION: Must be shatter-resistant. Prescription glasses or sunglasses will suffice, but eye protection other than the face shield on a full face helmet is not necessary
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  • A written test is given at the end of the second classroom session
  • The riding test is given at the end of the second riding session
If you do not pass the written or riding test(s) we are allowed to let you retake it once.  If you do not pass or do not finish your class for any reason you will receive an email explaining how to come back


Your discount will automatically be calculated when you register
It is recommended that you take your DL 389 to the DMV immediately since the State of California requires that you to have a permit for at least six months before you are eligible to be issued a motorcycle license
While you will need to show your DL389 to the DMV to get your permit you should NOT let the DMV keep it, as you will need to give it to them in order to acquire your license.  If you have any problems with the DMV insisting that they keep your DL389 when you are getting your permit, please call us at 888.744.2268 immediately


If you are in the military you may need an advanced class instead of the beginning class, or you may need a class we do not offer. If you need to fulfill a military requirement please call or email the office so we can figure out what class you need, as each branch of the military has different requirements


A completion card.  Many motorcycle shops and insurance companies will give discounts if you show them proof you have successfully completed a state program.  For this reason we recommend you wait until after you graduate to spend a lot on gear or to buy a motorcycle
  • A DL389, the form required by the DMV in order to waive the riding portion of the motorcycle licensing test
    • The DMV will not honor your waiver if your first and last name, ID# or birthdate are different from your ID, so when you register please make sure it matches your ID exactly so there are no delays in sending your DL389
    • The DL389 is good for one year after it is issued.  If you do not complete the licensing process after one year you will have to take the class again from the beginning for the full fee as a new student. We will not be allowed to count your score or attendance from the previous class


  • There is no guarantee you will pass the class
  • There will be no refunds if you do not pass, do not show up to the first class for any reason, or are dropped for not following all of the requirements
  • Classes must be taken in order, so if you miss any class or any portion of a class for any reason, you must come back for a fee as a standby student
  • You will be dropped from the class and required to come back as a standby student for an additional cost if you:
    • are late for class or miss any portion of the classroom or the riding range (including coming back late from a break)
    • are not able to present a valid, government issued photo ID to every session and/or if you do not bring the same ID to every session
    • are a minor and arrive at the first classroom without a parent or legal guardian and/or that guardian does not have a valid, government- issued photo ID with them
    • check in at the riding range without the required riding gear
  • You will be dropped from the class and will forfeit any tuition or any other fees if any BAMT employee believes you are under the influence of any drug, including alcohol or any other legal, illegal, prescription or over- the- counter substance(s)
  • Cancellation must be made via email to office@motorcycleschool.com at least 7 business days before your reserved class starts. There is a 15% cancellation fee regardless of when you cancel
  • Cancellation within 7 business days is considered a voluntary withdrawal, for which there is NO refund