We offer weekend and weekday beginning classes that provide the DMV waiver and Total Control’s intermediate and advanced classes at our Vallejo site


Our beginning class is designed for students that have no experience at all on a motorcycle, provides the waiver for the DMV riding test, and is a licensing requirement for anyone under 21 years. Motorcycles and helmets are provided. You are responsible for getting yourself to and from each session. To sign up for a beginning class choose any Motorcyclist Training Clinic(MTC) on the registration page. We only offer 2- day beginning classes in Vallejo.
All of our one day classes are advanced classes and will not meet the DMV’s requirement for students under 21 or looking to waive the DMV’s riding test, so please do not sign up for them if that is what you are looking for. We cannot give you credit, a refund or any other consideration if you sign up for an advanced class and were needing the DMV’s waiver.
If you are in the military you may need an advanced class instead of the beginning class, or you may need a class we do not offer. If you need to fulfill a military requirement please call or email the office to make sure you sign up for the correct class. If we do not offer the class you need, the office may be able to direct you to a company that does.
We offer 2 day beginning classes in Vallejo.  This is the shortest schedule that will provide the DMV waiver for graduates.  It consists of a morning classroom session and an afternoon riding session on both Saturday and Sunday.

2 day classes

day one

Classroom 1: 6.30am
Riding session 1: 12pm

Day two

Classroom 2: 6.30am
Riding session 12pm

3 day classes


On Saturday there is a break from about noon until your next classroom session begins a 5.45pm.  You are responsible for getting yourself to and from each session

First Classroom
Thursday 5:45 pm - 9:30 pm

First Riding Session
Saturday 6:30 am - 12:00pm

Second Classroom
Saturday 5:45 pm - 9:30 pm

Second Riding Session
Sunday 6:30 am - 12:00pm


On Saturday there is a break between when your riding session ends and the next classroom session starts at 5.45pm.  You are responsible for getting yourself to and from each session

First Classroom
Thursday 5:45 pm - 9:30 pm

First Riding Session
Saturday 11:45 am - 5:00 pm

Second Classroom
Saturday 5:45 pm - 9:30 pm

Second Riding Session
Sunday 11:45 am - 5:00 pm


All of our Vallejo classes take place at the Solano County Fairgrounds, but DO NOT ENTER at the main entrance to the Fairgrounds!  The classroom and range for the beginning classes each have their own entrance separate from the Main entrance to the Fairgrounds.  They do not have addresses, so please use the coordinates or the maps to find them.
Since the events at the Fairgrounds change frequently and so create different paths through it each time, the only way to ensure you are on time and able to access the parking that is allotted to BAMT is to use the entrances from the street in both cases. If you choose to try to navigate the fairgrounds to go between the classroom and the range and get lost and are therefore late to class, we can not reschedule you and/or give you credit for what you missed. We are required to have you take all sessions in order, so you will not be able to continue with your class and you will have to come back as a drop-in/standby student for another fee in order to complete the portions you have missed.
Even if you are not late as a result, your vehicle may be ticketed and/or towed if you park in any place other than the indicated Director’s parking lot for the classroom or the parking area for the range. The Fairgrounds is often used by Discovery Kingdom as their overflow parking lot, so their security people are always on the alert and actively searching for anyone trying to get out of paying their fee. If they find your vehicle it may be may ticketed and/or towed if you do not park in the space allotted for our classes.
The classroom entrance is at the after hours North RV entrance on Sage street, on the North side of the Fairgrounds, next to HWY 37:
The range entrance is South of the Main entrance to the Fairgrounds at Gate 6, off of Fairgrounds Dr. The range sessions take place at Gate 6 of the Fairgrounds, which is directly across the street from Discovery
Kingdom’s parking lot exit:
We are not allowed to leave the gates to the street open, so if you are on time and the gate is locked, your instructor is getting ready and will let you in as soon as they are able. Please be patient and wait for them.
If you are late and find the gate locked, unfortunately we are not able to let you into class as we have a very strict schedule to follow. BAMT is only a tenant at the Fairgrounds, so Fairgrounds workers cannot help you to get into the class. You will receive an email by the Wednesday after your class started explaining your options to return.
Please be ready to check in with your government- issued photo ID(you do NOT need a driver’s permit/license) by being present in your seat in the classroom or present on the range with your government- issued photo ID,with the required gear and all of the water and snacks you will need for the day 15 min before the check in time on your confirmation letter.
The instructors have very strict time requirements to meet, so once class has begun you may no longer get into the class. There will be only about an hour break for lunch, so bring everything you will need for both the classroom and riding sessions, including a bag lunch. You may eat in the classroom as long as you leave it cleaner than you found it.


The Total Control IRC is the perfect next step for newer riders who are looking to improve their skills on their own bike as well as riders that have recently gotten back into riding after years off. This course includes both classroom and on-cycle instruction.
You will learn intermediate-level skills required to safely operate a full-sized motorcycle and understand the basic psychology of riding to help make better choices on the road. Topics covered include having a proper mental state, understanding two-wheeled vehicle dynamics, cornering strategies for multiple types of turns, emergency braking and evasive maneuvers.
Students completing the Total Control IRC℠ report significantly improved riding skills, confidence and the ability to make better choices about when and how to ride. The Total Control IR is also used extensively by the Navy and Marine Corps as "Level 2" training (within 60 days of completing a beginner course) and "Refresher" training (every three years) to reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities. It is officially recognized for Level 2 training by the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, which satisfies requirements for active duty service members and civilians to get their base sticker to ride on base.
Although designed primarily as safety course, the Total Control IRC is both challenging and fun. The Clinics are done in one 7-8 hour day on your own motorcycle. Although not a requirement, it's also advisable to have read the book Total Control before you get there.
The Total Control IRC is based on the most current research in rider safety, utilizes modern training methods and has been proven to enhance student outcomes.
Advanced classes will NOT provide a waiver for the M1 riding test.  If you register for an advanced class when you are looking for the DMV waiver we can give no refund or other consideration for getting into a class that will let you skip the the M1 test
They meet on the range at Gate 6: