Learn to RIde a scooter

You may earn the certificate that waives the M1 riding test at the DMV on a scooter by registering for a beginning motorcycle class.  Contact the office to reserve a scooter at least two weeks before your class begins as we only have a limited number of them.

It is recommended that you ride your own scooter if you own one already as you will get the most out of the class that way, but you must bring proof of registration and insurance for it every time you bring it.

You will have to follow all of the gear, ID, attendance and other requirements for taking the motorcycle class even though you are riding a scooter because a scooter is no safer than a motorcycle, especially when you fall down.

You will be dropped from the class and have to pay $100 to return as a standby student if you do not meet all of the gear and other requirements we expect the motorcycle students to meet so please make sure you read and follow the directions in your confirmation letter carefully

Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer scooter- specific classes.  We are working on providing classes of 1-3 hours that address the differences between riding a scooter and a motorcycle as a complement to our beginning classes instead.

We are the only school within San Francisco city limits that provides the DMV waiver to graduates of our beginning motorcycle class.  Choose from weekend- only classes or 3- day classes

Our beginning class is designed for students that have no experience at all on a motorcycle, provides the waiver for the DMV riding test, and is a licensing requirement for anyone under 21 years

Our Alameda site is the closest site to the Oakland/Berkeley area that provides the DMV waiver.  All of our 3- day beginning classes finish within one week