Advanced Riding Clinic Level 2

Take Your Advanced Motorcycle Training To The Next Level

The Total Control ARC® Level 2 takes off where Level 1 left off. More challenging exercises and riding technology from the best-selling book Total Control adds additional advanced techniques to any experienced rider's "toolbox." Where the TC ARCSM builds proficiency in your riding, Level 2 puts you on a path to true mastery.

The TC ARCSM L2 is the perfect next step for those wishing to continue their advanced training as part of a lifelong learning regimen. All participants MUST have completed Total Control ARC®Level 1 as a prerequisite. No exceptions!  If you took the ARC Level 1 at a different school, contact our office so we can verify that.

What It Covers

Riding Psychology

You know what it is like when you are 'in the zone', everything just seems to flow, one corner seamlessly blending into the next, and you are always in the right place on the road. You also know when you are not in the zone, because everything seems to go wrong, the ride is harsh and jerky, cars take a swipe at you and it just feels like you are having a generally bad day. During the Advanced Riding Clinic Level 2, you will learn more about how fear, concentration and attitude can affect your riding and what simple steps you can take to ensure you have a perfect ride every time

Speed Shifting

Even many experienced riders take too much time to shift. Shifting efficiently is important because during the time between shifts, the rider is especially vulnerable. When a sudden change in speed is required, like when a car pulls into your lane, it's vital to be able to accelerate immediately. If you're caught up in the shifting, you won't be able to speed up in an emergency. During our Advanced Riding Clinic Level 2, you will learn how to upshift and downshift quickly and skillfully

Maximum Braking

Because emergency stops can be scary due to the limited amount of traction you have and how much it would hurt to kiss the ground, very few riders practice quick braking and even less have the actual knowledge and skills to do it safely. At our Advanced Riding Clinic Level 2, you will learn and practice the right technique to achieve the shortest stops possible so you become prepared when you need to brake hard and avoid a hazard

Trail Braking

New riders are usually taught to do all of the braking before making a turn. This is sometimes good advice, but there are times when it is preferable—or even necessary—to continuously brake before and while entering a corner. While many people consider this a racing technique, during our Advanced Riding Clinic Level 2 you will learn that there are even more benefits to using trail braking on the street than there are on the track

Tightening Your Line

Not all curves are created equal and there are times when you need to tighten your line mid-turn. Whether it is because you unexpectedly found yourself in the middle of a decreasing radius turn or because you need to avoid a hazard in the curve, knowing how to skillfully reduce the radius of your line can save you from crashing and getting hurt

Chassis Turning

There is more to handling than just suspension setup—chassis geometry also plays an important role. Because your idea of the ideal handling characteristics for your motorcycle may be different from the ideas of the engineers who designed it, tailoring your chassis specifications can make a dramatic improvement in how your bike handles