San Francisco

We are the only site within San Francisco city limits to provide the DL389, which is accepted at the DMV and may waive the M1 riding test

BAMT is not allowed to leave the gate to the parking lot we use near 50 Frida Khalo Way/Phelan Ave. open and/or unlocked for any length of time. If you are on time and find the gate is locked, your instructor is getting the classroom or riding area ready and will let you into the gate as soon as they are able. Please be patient and wait at the gate

Since instructors are not allowed to leave the riding area for any length of time after class has begun, if you are late for a licensing/beginning class and find the gate locked, unfortunately we are not able to let you into class as the State of California requires instructors to follow a very strict schedule. If you are not in a licensing class, you may be able to join the class even if you are late, though you may not be able to get credit for your attendance. You will have to wait until a break for the instructor to let you in.

If you miss class, you may come back as a standby student for a reduced fee