Extra Ride Time 1


If you would like more practice so you can pass the skill test in the beginning class or you have already passed but you are not ready to sign up for the Intermediate Riding Clinic on your own bike, the best way to get the most guided practice in a parking lot for the least amount of money is to come back as a standby student.

Coming back as a standby student is an option for any previous BAMT beginning or intermediate student.  It costs $150 and allows you to repeat one or both of the beginning riding sessions as a standby student as many times as you would like over a 6 month period at any of our locations in SF, Alameda or Vallejo.  Since we have last minute openings in a great number of our classes, this means you could easily repeat both 5 hour sessions 30 times over if you choose this option.  The fee is waived for students that need more practice or have not passed the skill test.

If you prefer to pay for a confirmed seat, or you have not taken any classes with BAMT before, one of our Extra Ride Time classes might be the correct choice for you.

ERT1 is deigned for any beginning student wanting to work on basic skills, including having trouble stalling the bike.  It lasts 2 hours and has a student to instructor ratio of no more than 6:1.  The focus will be on whatever skills the 6 students ask to focus on.

Extra Ride Time classes are taught by CMSP instructors and are designed for improving the riding of any beginning student that wants more practice but either did not take a beginning or intermediate class with BAMT, or prefers to pay for a confirmed seat.

These classes will give you extra practice but they CANNOT be accepted for credit toward receiving your DL389.  You must use a school bike for ERT1 classes.  If you would like training on your own bike, please consider ERT2 or a private lesson.

If you are unsure which option is best for you, please call 888.744.2268 or email office@motorcycleschool.com Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.  Phones are answered by instructors that would love to help you!