BAMT Standby Fee


Standby works as a last minute waitlist.  Students arrive early to the class they would like to get into, to see if there is a last minute open seat created by late or otherwise unprepared students that are registered for that class, so unfortunately the office is not able to predict when there might be openings ahead of time and give you notice.

Coming back as a standby is the safest and most cost effective way to get a lot of practice, so even after you pass, we very strongly encourage you to get more practice by continuing as a standby for as long as you need until you feel confident enough to go on the street with your own bike.  You are not required to repeat the classroom sessions if you have already passed the class, but you are welcome to repeat any of the sessions as many times as you would like.

Paying this fee makes you eligible to take any of our beginning sessions as many times as you are able to get into a session over a 6 month period at any of our locations as a standby student.

If you are coming back as a standby to get your M1: Even though Bay Area Motorcycle Training gives you 6 months to come back as a standby, since the State of California requires that all classroom and riding sessions be done IN ORDER within 60 days of each other in order to earn a skill test waiver, you will need to start both your classroom and riding sessions over if you are not able to complete all sessions in order within that time frame.

In person classroom sessions must be taken in order of 1st classroom, 1st riding session, 2nd classroom, 2nd riding session.  eRider classroom sessions must be taken in order of all 6 chapters of eRider, 1st riding session, 2nd riding session.

In person classroom sessions are free to standby students.  There is a fee for a new eRider link. 

It is your responsibility to keep track of which class(es) you need(including eRider) and the order in which you need to take them, since the instructors are not able to look up what sessions you need or have taken.  The office will catch it when the rosters are processed and will have you redo the sessions that are out of order, so please do not waste our time or yours by taking classes out of order.

We will not be allowed to count any of your previous scores/attendance.  You will NOT have to repay the standby or original fee to do this as long as you finish within the 6 months that we give you as a standby.  If you need or want to go past the 6 months, you only need to repay the standby fee to continue as a standby student.

Since standby spots are first -come first -served, the earlier you arrive the better.  Generally start times that have the most students coming at once have a higher likelihood of having an open spot.  Since San Francisco usually has the most students coming at once, it usually has the best chance of having an opening, then Alameda and then Vallejo.  San Francisco almost always has several open seats.  Since classes are sometimes cancelled, be sure to check the schedule just before coming so you do not waste your time.  Since all of the same gear and curriculum requirements for attendance apply to any class attended as a standby, you will need to bring all of the same gear in order to be let into class.

In person classroom sessions almost always have room, since we are allowed to have a lot more students in them at one time than we are allowed to have at once during the riding sessions, so it is always worth it to go to the in person classroom sessions.

The riding sessions are usually run near capacity, and so can be much more difficult to get into.  Once you do get into a riding session, you will then have a spot for the next riding session in that class.  Yet another standby fee will be applied if you get into a class and then are late (including late for the next session in that class or from a break during class), do not have correct gear, are abusive or disrespectful of the instructors or other students, etc., so be sure you are familiar with our requirements before paying this fee.

This standby fee is non-refundable and not transferable, and is only offered to students that have already paid in full for a confirmed seat with Bay Area Motorcycle Training within the year.

After you pay, be sure to print out or take a screenshot of your payment in order to confirm your eligibility for the instructor, since it is often not possible to get reception at the riding sessions.

By paying this standby fee you are agreeing to abide by these conditions.