Scooter Only


This is the perfect class for anyone that is planning to ride a scooter only.  School scooters are provided automatically in all scooter only classes, and motorcycles are not allowed.  The specific handling needs of scooters is taught in this class.  Motorcycles are not allowed in this class.

California requires an M1 license for almost all motorcycles and scooters.  In our scooter only class students are able to earn the DL389 certificate that is required for those under 21 and may waive the skill test at the DMV for everyone else, you just will do so on a scooter with a CMSP certified instrutor that is will train you as to the handling and safety differences between scooters and motorcycles.

If you are not able to come to a scooter only class, you may also make a scooter request in any of our beginning motorcycle classes in either San Francisco or Alameda, but you must confirm availability with the office at least two weeks before class begins.  We do not provide scooters in Vallejo.

Scooter only classes have the same gear, schedule and curriculum, etc., requirements as the other beginning classes, so be sure to review beginning class information before signing up.

All Scooter Only classes consist of online classroom sessions and two riding sessions on one of our school scooters over 2 days.  You may not use your own scooter.

The online classroom requires completion of approximately 6 hours of classroom online via eRider before attending two IN PERSON riding sessions of about 5 hours each.  You will be taking the written test as you progress though the course.  The riding test is given at the end of the second riding session.

If you are in a hurry it is usually possible to pick your certificate up at our office on Treasure Island a few days after your class ends, but since the pick up schedule varies quite a lot, you MUST verify with the office to check how soon after your particular class ends that you will be able to pick it up if you are counting on that.  If you do not verify you will be able to pick it up when you need to and/or you do not pass, you will not be able to pick the certificate up no matter what arrangements you have made, and a refund or reschedule will not be an option, but we will do our best to accommodate you once you do pass as a standby. 

You will learn fundamental skills required to operate a scooter and progress to street riding skills and strategies.  Topics covered include managing fear, understanding how scooters turn, proper cornering strategies, and emergency crash avoidance skills. The course is based on the most current research in rider safety and utilizes modern training methods.

To get the most out of your classroom and riding sessions and so be more likely to pass them, study the MTC Handbook, the DMV Handbook and attend as many Friday evening eRider Support Meetings as you can before your riding sessions begin.  You may attend the support meetings even if you are not an eRider student.  Links are provided in your confirmation email, which is sent immediately after you register.

Support meetings take place every Friday evening at 5:45pm and are hosted by one of our instructors.  They are a great opportunity to ask questions about the riding sessions or curriculum. You can use any device that is compatible with Zoom to attend support meetings.  A link will be provided in your confirmation email, which is sent immediately after you register.

Some of the test questions will be from the DMV Driver’s handbook, so make sure to study that also, especially if you do not already have your California driver’s license. Not all of the questions on the written test are presented in the classroom, so be prepared by studying both.

Many students find that the security measures at their workplace prevent their ability to see/read/download the handbooks from this Dropbox link. If you are having trouble, try opening your confirmation letter away from your workplace.

You will still need to take the DMV's written test, since there is no way out of taking that.  For that reason we recommend going to the DMV after you receive our certificate, since you will generally only need to make one visit if you wait until you have the DL389.  Please consult the DMV for details and requirements that are individual to your situation, since we are not able to speak for the DMV or predict all of the licensing requirements for every student.

If you feel you need a translator for Spanish or any other language, please call the office ahead of time to make arrangements to have a friend who can translate for you to attend sessions with you. If you do not make arrangements ahead of time we will not be able to let your friend attend.

The purpose of this class is to create safer riders out of the average beginning rider, not to make it easy to get a license.  While most beginning students are riding within the first few exercises and are able to pass this class the first time they take it, since everyone learns at a different pace it is not uncommon for students that need more repetition to be counseled out.

If you are counseled out or are not able to pass the first time through, our school allows instructors to waive the fee to come back for no additional fee as a standby student as many times as they would like in a 6 month period, but there is still no guarantee you will pass this class!

Students get what they put into the class!  Students that are counseled out that make a commitment to studying, listening and coming back often to improve their skills usually pass within a week after their original class ends.   Refer to your follow up email for information about the fastest way to come back.  If you have any questions, call the office any time from 8am-5pm Mon-Fri for clarification.

End times are approximate and your class may go longer than expected, depending upon weather, number of questions, and many other variables. It is unusual to go over the time allotted, but if it does happen we still cannot pass you if you miss any portion of the class, no matter how good the reason for which you must leave or how well you are doing. Do not make appointments that you must leave for that take place immediately after your session is expected to end.

You will have to pay a standby fee to come back if you choose to leave before class is excused, are unprepared, unsafe(on purpose or otherwise), unable to follow directions, argumentative and/or the instructor believes you are impaired/intoxicated in any manner with any drug, including alcohol or any other legal, illegal, prescription or over- the- counter substance(s)

If you would like to also ride a motorcycle and learn to shift, you may return as a standby student s you are able to get into a class over a 6 month period for $150.


WAIVER - You will be required to sign a waiver in order to participate in our class.  A PDF of this waiver will be attached to your confirmation letter which will be sent by email immediately after you register.  Please read both pages ahead of time so you are ready to sign and initial it when you arrive to your first in person session.

BIKE - We provide scooters to all Scooter Only students, but this class is only available in our SF and Alameda locations.  You may not ride your own scooter in our beginning classes.

IDENTIFICATION - You do not need a permit, license or any experience whatsoever riding a motorcycle or driving any sort of vehicle to take our beginning class- you only need to provide a valid, government issued photo ID and be at least 15.5 years of age.  If you do not have a government- issued photo ID for any reason, please call the office to make sure we are able to let you into class before you sign up.

If your photo ID is from a different country and/or if your ID is anything other than a U.S driver's license, enter ‘FF’ in place of the state in the registration form, then enter both the state/country and the type of ID it is in the text box that will open.

GEAR We are not allowed to let anyone ride without the proper protective clothing.  Protective street motorcycle gear is always acceptable for taking our class, but gear that is motorcycle ‘style’ is almost never protective, and so is almost never acceptable.  For a guide to gear that is actually protective instead of merely ‘motorcycle style’ consult the section on gear in the MTC Handbook and Click here for examples

HELMETS -Full-coverage and DOT-compliant helmets will be provided. We do not allow helmets that are not full face or DOT compliant. If you would like to bring your own full face helmet you may, but if the instructor cannot confirm that it meets our requirements, you will be required to use one of ours.

GLOVES -Full- fingered, 100% leather work gloves are acceptable and can usually be found at any hardware store. Off-road motorcycle gloves, leather dress gloves, ski gloves, and work gloves of material other than leather will NOT be accepted.

FOOTWEAR -Only sturdy, over-the-ankle, snug fitting, reinforced footwear that supports the ankle will be accepted. Most laced and tied hiking boots or high tops will do as long as they fit snugly around the ankle with thick, padded/reinforced material so that your ankle bone cannot be felt. They must also be laced up so the sides are snug against the foot/ankle in order to provide ankle support. High tops or boots that merely cover the ankle and/or are worn in such a way that does not provide ankle support will NOT be accepted(ie: Chuck Taylor high tops, Uggs, cowboy boots, boots with elastic on the ankle, high tops that are loosely tied, etc.).

JACKETS- Full-sleeves that allow no skin/wrists showing when seated on the motorcycle when your arms are outstretched to ride are required at all times. Since temperatures fluctuate quite a bit through out the day all layers should be full sleeved. Jackets made of rugged material such as leather and denim are accepted.

DURABLE PANTS -Pants must cover all of the leg when seated on the motorcycle with feet up on the foot pegs - no skin/socks, etc. showing. Denim jeans or anything made of durable, rugged material, such as protective work pants. We will not allow you to ride in stretch pants or stretch fabric (including jeggings), or ANY pants with rips, tears, or any sort of holes, no matter the material.

RAIN GEAR -We do NOT cancel for rain. During the winter it can get very cold, especially if you are wet, so it is extremely important to come prepared for any weather.

BE ON TIME or EARLY! - This class is for beginners that have never ridden a scooter, and is very challenging.  For this reason, our curriculum requires that we start on time so everyone in class is alert and so are able to absorb as much of the information as possible. You must arrive PREPARED a MINIMUM of 15 minutes early in order to check in so we may start class at the scheduled time. (Ex: if your start time is 6:30am then you must arrive prepared with your ID, grades and required gear IN HAND (not in your car)by 6:15am AT THE LATEST or you will be 15 minutes late and will not be able to join the class).  You will not be allowed into class if you do not arrive prepared and on time according to the above example.  You will NOT be rescheduled or refunded if you are late or unprepared, but you will be allowed to come back for a reduced fee as a standby student.

If the public transit schedule makes you too late for getting to a session to participate, please contact the office and we will see if we can figure out something that will work for you.  You may have to be standby for some sessions, but if you confirm arrangements with the office ahead of time there will be no standby fee.


Please check that you have access to a computer that meets the system requirements for eRider before signing up!  It is not possible to complete eRider with a mobile device such as a phone or tablet or by using Safari.  You MUST use a desktop or laptop and a browser that is supported such as Chrome or Explorer.  You will not be refunded and/or rescheduled if you are turned away due to not being able to provide a printout, but you will get an email explaining how you may come back as a standby student for a fee when the roster is processed.

Since eRider can be done at your convenience in the comfort of your home, the hours to complete it are not included in the the class schedule. We strongly recommend that you complete all 6 chapters of eRider at least one week before your riding sessions begin so you can get help from the office if you have any trouble. The office is open Mon- Fri from 8am- 5pm.

Your personal link to create an eRider account is contained in the confirmation email that is sent immediately when you register.  Do not go to the eRider website until you have set your account up with this link, since you will not be able to log in there until you have set your account up.

You must attend all classroom and riding sessions in full and in order.  eRider must be completed before you come to the riding sessions.  eRider takes approximately one hour per chapter, consists of 6 chapters and can be done at your own pace, since you can save & exit at any time.  This course is testing your knowledge as you progress, so each student MUST complete their own eRider class in their own account, and all students are expected to present one report card each.

If the office cannot verify online that you really did finish eRider in your own account before the riding sessions began when the rosters are processed, all attendance and scores from your riding sessions will be invalid towards your earning a certificate.  You will be required to redo eRider and then both riding sessions as a standby student for a fee in order to return, and we will not be able to account your attendance or scores from the session(s) that you took out of order.

You need an overall grade of 80% in eRider to pass our class. If you do not pass eRider you will still be expected to come to the riding sessions.


This class is challenging, so our curriculum requires that we start on time so that students are able to gain the most out of their class. You must arrive a MINIMUM of 15 minutes early in order to check in so we may start class at the scheduled time. (Ex: your start time is 6:30am. In this case, you must arrive prepared with your ID, grades and required gear IN HAND (not in your car) by 6:15am AT THE LATEST or you will be 15 minutes late and will not be able to join the class).

It is free to reschedule your class 14 days before your first in person session meets.  If you cancel there is a 15% cancellation fee.  We do not reschedule or refund once within 14 days of the riding session- you will have to pay a fee to come back as a standby student if you miss class due to not following our policies, such as being late or prepared, regardless of how good your reason is.

Contact us before signing up if you need to fulfill a military requirement, since each military branch differs in what they will accept, and we may not always offer what you need.

We cannot offer you a refund or to be rescheduled unless it is more than 14 days before your class begins.  14 days before your first in person class meets a 15% fee will be charged if you cancel, or you may reschedule for free.  If it is less than 14 days before the first in- person session meets, refunds or rescheduling will not be an option, but you may come back as a standby for a fee.

You will be asked to leave if you display threatening, obscene, or inappropriate behavior or messages or intentionally interfere with other students, and you will not be eligible for a refund or to be rescheduled.

We have a ZERO tolerance policy for alcohol and other legal or illegal drugs. If the instructor suspects you are under the influence of any legal or illegal drug of any kind you will be asked to leave immediately and you will not be eligible for a refund or to be rescheduled.

STUDENTS UNDER 18 will be turned away and must come back as a standby student for a fee without a parent or legal guardian physically present and able to present a valid, government issued ID at the first riding session.