Scooter Only


This is the perfect class for anyone that is only planning to ride a scooter.  School scooters are provided automatically in all scooter only classes, and motorcycles are not allowed.  Since the class is made up entirely of scooters,the specific handling needs of scooters can be focused on in this class.

California requires an M1 license for almost all motorcycles and scooters.  In our scooter only class students are able to earn the DL389 certificate that is required for those under 21 and may waive the skill test at the DMV for everyone else, you just will do so on a scooter.

If you are not able to come to a scooter only class, you may also make a scooter request in any of our beginning motorcycle classes in either San Francisco or Alameda, but you must confirm availability with the office in order to guarantee we have one available.  We do not provide scooters in Vallejo.

Scooter only classes have the same gear and other requirements, schedule, curriculum, etc., as the other beginning classes, so be sure to review all of the beginning class information before signing up!