Standby Fee for Advanced Classes

Paying this fee makes you eligible to take any of our advanced classes that you are eligible for at any of our locations as a standby student.

Standby works as a last minute waitlist.  Students arrive early to the class they would like to get into so they can to see if there is a last minute open seat created by unprepared or late students that are registered for that class, so the office is not able to predict when there might be openings ahead of time.  Since standby spots are first -come first -served, the earlier you arrive the better.  Generally start times that have the most students coming at once have a higher likelihood of having an open spot.  Since San Francisco has the most students coming at once, it usually has the best chance of having an opening, then Alameda and then Vallejo.  San Francisco almost always has several open seats.  Since classes are sometimes cancelled, be sure to check the schedule just before coming so you do not waste your time.

Since all of the same gear and curriculum requirements for attendance apply to any class attended as a standby, be sure you are familiar with our requiremts before paying this fee.