New eRider Account



The State of California requires that all classroom and riding sessions be attended IN ORDER within 60 days of each other, so if you are not able to return as a standby student within 60 days, you will need to start your classroom sessions over.

Your other option is to do the in person classroom sessions over for free, just be aware that those sessions MUST be completed in order of first classroom session, first riding session, second classroom session, second riding session.  Please call the office if you have any questions!

Only pay this fee if you need a NEW eRider account, since your first eRider account is included with your original registration/standby fee.  The link for creating that account can be found in your confirmation email if this is your first time using eRider, or in an email from us if you are a standby.

You will NOT have to repay the original fee or the standby fee to do this as long as you finish within the 6 months that we give you as a standby.  If you need or want to go past the 6 months, you only need to repay the standby fee to continue as a standby student.

If you do not pass eRider twice or go over 60 days again, you have the choice to take in person classroom sessions for free or to pay again to get another eRider account.  Please contact the office after you have paid this fee so we may set up a new eRider account for you.

Coming back as a standby is the safest and most cost effective way to get a lot of practice, so even after you pass, we very strongly encourage you to get more practice by continuing as a standby for as long as you need until you feel confident enough to go on the street with your own bike.

If you have already passed our class and so are not coming back in order to earn a DL389 or completion card, you will no longer have to redo eRider in order to attend riding sessions as a standby student.